positives 11-7-22

I posted about influencers and some of the negatives but now I want to talk briefly about some of the positives. For example, some of these public figures come out with interesting ways of thinking about topics and behaviours. They can give you something to think about, and this can lead to adjustments in your life. Adjustments are a constant way to adapt to life and its changes. Some adjustments are internal, some external and they are always in flux. You just need that moment to realise, so these influencers put ideas out and maybe some will be beneficial. Some ideas you might not be ready for, others hit that tender spot that you try and protect with negative ideas and behaviours. You then realise you need to work on yourself, nobody is perfect and there will be a panacea of negativity, repressed emotions, fear and anxiety. All of this emotional baggage can be difficult to analyse or make sense of, and then you see the influencer come out with a truth bomb, as some call these little aha moments.

My only issue really is the need for materialistic props and cues, it feels destructive that we are so caught up in materialism and feel that is the background to finding ourselves. I am not saying you have to leave the broken tap broken, I am saying that even though the tap is broken doesn’t mean you are broken. The cup is chipped, all of these material things are not you, you are not chipped. Maybe the imperfect cup is telling you that it still works and is still a cup. You are never going to be perfect and nobody ever will be but you are still useful even though your tap leaks, your door creaks, there is a leak when it rains and your car is always breaking down. What capitalism does is weaken your sense of self to make you reliant on an illusion of who you should be, who you really can be, and a self surrounded by materialistic cues that tell you, you are finally here, you have arrived. When really you were fine all along and all you needed was the confidence to have a voice.

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