Holding pattern

It has been cold in Sydney now that winter is setting in, of course, it is only relative to the general heat that summer brings. There was a bit of a cold snap and it hasn’t left yet, I am thinking that we will actually have a cold winter which is rare. Last winter was very mild with only a few cold days. My work is a high ceilinged warehouse which stays cold all day, the sun is quite weak at the moment so even if the sun is out there is a chill factor. It has generally been wet and cold since the last month of summer. There is no doubt the weather is very unpredictable and getting more so. Most house painters are very busy trying to catch up with exterior work that has been on hold for months and some are complaining that they can’t start as early as they would like to with the frost and morning chill. The rain is meant to hang around until at least august with the current dominant weather pattern so everyone is scrambling when the sun comes out to get as much work done as possible.

Work is busy in general and there is a lot to manage with the stock moving around the country from store to store as everyone works out what they need for clients. Things have changed, there are more challenges and every moment there is something going on. I suppose the whole world has changed as well. I can see this pattern of unpredictability going on for quite a few years.  

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