KRS1 and the Honourable Farrakhan

“Prophet Farrakhan has already said to us, YOU ARE NOT CONSCIOUS OF HOW POWERFUL GOD HAS MADE YOU; IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! BUT IF YOU TURN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION YOU WILL SPARK REVOLUTION ALL OVER THE WORLD! But it’s not a revolution of bloodshed. 47 The prophet continued, I can’t be like Jonah anymore and neither can you; hiding from your mission, running away from what your real assignment is! So the fish is swallowing you up. But when that boy learned to pray, he was spit up on dry land and he said ‘I surrender GOD; I’ve been fightin’ you, but I know it’s time.’ I hope that you will say I surrender GOD I know it’s time, that I can do better than what I’m doing. Money is not more important than the rise of a suffering people into the fulfillment of the promise of GOD. Nothing is more important than your people becoming truly free. There it is.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

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