JEFFERSON MAYDAY MAYDAY: “SATURN: Mystifying Ringed Crossroads”

I really enjoyed that video. I think psychosis is when the brain speeds up, antipsychotics slow the brain back down. I enjoy high-speed videos because I feel my brain works at that kind of speed at least I have experienced thousands of ideas shooting through my brain and I can only try and see one in my conscious mind as the waves of thoughts wash over. Suddenly I realise that one idea was how I had a brother who was younger even though I have no younger brother. The mind is constantly making associations in the background so when the division between consciousness and that dream state subconscious mix into each other we suddenly see associations that are empty of the loop of conscious information being processed. We experience a waking dream of sorts where everything happens in bursts. Wow!!! You really opened that door with that video. It is too much so you almost lose reality and some people enjoy that. Is safer than drugs anyway. My mind is still working at speed in the background the processing is heating the core and as the video plays, I disappear into the processing. It is like I become the spacecraft or probe sending signals back and forth and then when the video ends the processing stops and the mission is over. Now it is time to dream and let the associations play out to hopefully further work out the mission’s logistics. Have a good evening!!!!!!

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