Woooooo!!!! A poem


I can’t speak right now

Something is inside me

The phone clicks my eyes roll

There is a toll to pay

For every high

Cold blood with stimulants


Chemical bloodstream


Poppies dealers governments

Wars guns overdoses

People laughing madness crying

Dying for it hit spit

Magnets flies grace ignorance dies

Fuzzy feeling addiction

Knowing it all how I fall

Keep me high down so low


Click phone what who

It wasn’t a calling call

Just a dude with some kind

Gear fear heaven 

Reality is so ugly

Damn you are pretty

Stuck up suck up

Tell you what you want to hear

Beer buzz pipes needles

Processed processing

Buzzed up ganger

Tell me but it ain’t me

What is inside me?

Bugs acid chemistry

Sped up slowed down

Spaced clip dip gone 

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