Grace and inspiration from KRS1

I listened to KRS1 in the eighties and I loved his records, in the nineties, I had a friend who bought every KRS1 album and at that time I lost interest as I was surrounded by fine art and I didn’t listen to much Hip Hop music. As I have gotten older I have rediscovered a lot of artists I once listened to as a teenager. I feel with KRS1 and Public Enemy I am constantly learning and getting inspired as I once was when I was younger. I think my own writing has shown me the way back to Hip Hop which is inspiring and I also listen to poetry that can touch on politics as well. I have been reading one of KRS1’s books, ‘The Gospel of Hip Hop’ and I have included some quotes here that I will add to posts here and there. I am sending the quotes to friends who have lost faith in themselves and their exploits or are struggling with the challenges of life to hopefully inspire them as KRS1 does.

“If we can acknowledge the fact that Hip Hop came to us as a saving force, we are then encouraged to ask, For what purpose were we saved? Why did Hip Hop happen? Not how did Hip Hop happen, but why did Hip Hop happen. Yeah, Hip Hop has made a lot of people wealthy, including myself, but the real question for a grateful and highly appreciative Hiphoppa is “WHY?” Why is Hip Hop Hip Hop? What is its real purpose?” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“These questions reach far beyond getting a little money. These questions lead to salvation and peace.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“So when they heard the Word, the Word inspired new thought. Yeah, pain, but then they started rappin’. There was no beat to it then, it was just spittin’ out lyrics, but the lyrics were powerful! And the lyrics were not popular in those circles that produced us. So they were producing themselves!” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“It was this voice that first called me “teacha” and instructed me on how to inspire both elementary and college students without ever having attended college myself. It was this voice that told me what to say at Yale University, at Harvard University and at Oxford University in London. In fact, it was the instruction of GOD’s voice, GOD’s urging, that guided me through all of the colleges and universities I’ve taught at even though I didn’t even hold a junior high school diploma.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“Obedience to this voice is indeed the source of my intellectual strength and artistic longevity.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“This training is all about getting you to recognize your spiritual reality and begin living your life outside of the fear and worry caused by excessive material want. This gospel acknowledges Hip Hop as an idea of Divine Mind and reunites the Hiphoppa with the existence of such a Mind. This is how I became KRS ONE.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

“But such grace is not a free pass for continued ignorance. Don’t get it twisted; if you are not fulfilling the vision GOD has placed upon your life, suddenly and without warning your grace can disappear. Grace is only provided for you to catch up to the vision GOD has for you. If you are not perfecting yourself and moving toward the vision GOD has shown you, grace will not save you from your own stagnation and ungratefulness.” (from “The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument” by (Musician) KRS-One)

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