Sunday morning

I am having a friend over this morning for a traditional Pu’er tea session, I am thinking of using raw Pu’er which is a little harder to get the brew right, my apartment is a real shambles but I am not too worried about it. I think with my youngest things still here and also some of my ex-partner’s furniture I look like a repository or temporary storage unit. I actually don’t own much to be honest, at least not in the way of furniture, I don’t even have a couch. I am not too worried about having stuff and I tend to spend my time drawing or painting anyway so that keeps me happy.

I had some more dreams last night about Canberra this time and a famous street artist who was having graffiti artists over as a base for creative pursuits, my youngest was around and I was trying to get back to Sydney. The funny thing is this street artist is based in Sydney and I think he was trying to get artists together to simply have a hub of graffiti and street art. Like all dreams, it was rather creative and strange, the various artists had made signs to show where you got the bus back to Sydney, some of the dreams were based on recurring areas but they were intermixed with new areas.

I am making congee for breakfast as I had a rich big meal last night, congee is supposed to be a good way of cleaning out your system and it is pretty filling too. I am probably going to start a painting on paper today then go to see the biennale or at least another part of it, will probably grab a meal in Chinatown, it is all up in the air though as I will see how my tea session goes in a few hours.

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