Blenheim thoughts and meandering

One of the interesting features of Blenheim house is the periods that cross over due to its age and various restorations over the decades, also it is surrounded by developments from the 1970s. There are details that give away its age, the sandstone and small interior details yet it seems somewhat ageless. The curtains seem overbearing by today’s standards yet quite grand and dramatic, the wallpaper is probably of new vintage but adds complexity to its restorative charm. When I first went inside I felt like it was spooky and then once I was in there with other people I felt comfortable but I wouldn’t want to spend time in there on my own. It is imbued with history which makes it feel unfamiliar and a little strange. There is a heaviness in its charm which lifts quickly after a quick tour, after ten minutes or so I felt quite focused on my small studies. What struck me was the attic, it had quite attractive features and angles, the curtains have the potential to be explored but really the wallpaper is quite interesting. 

I have done a finished drawing that I posted previously and I suspect I will do around three works which I hope will be exhibited. The second piece will be an acrylic painting on paper and the third will be a photograph of an aerosol work exploring Blenheim house and possibly a portrait of Randwicks first mayor. It is difficult to know how the aerosol work will go considering the constant rain and showers that are due to drag on for a few months yet. There will be breaks in the rain I am sure and I am hoping to possibly make more than three works but I feel like three works are more than enough.

Today I saw off a work colleague with peers and we had lunch, it was quite relaxed and we gave a good send-off. It will be odd to see her go but she has her immediate family to consider and she deserves a new beginning, she has been part of the core team at my work and has been with the company for over a decade. She will be missed but I do feel happy for her, she has found a great place to live and it is like a resort in a lot of ways. I need to think about my draft proposal, my main goal is to keep things simple and focused on the history and overlapping styles of history.

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