New world order, different paths

Over the past few years, one of the things to be taken away from us all was our routines. Covid has played a part, natural disasters have played a part as well, industrial action, protests and there went our routines. Every day is different for me in part, I have to navigate the last disaster’s new paths. My train journey is affected, my journey home, the rains, the flash flooding, the landslips, have all impacted the journeys we all took for granted. I had to change so many habits with Covid, it isn’t that it is all that bad, it is just a new set of points on a map I thought was clear cut. I am not pining for what I had, I am just wondering when this changing world map, local map will settle. It will probably be a few years yet and the world we knew will be beyond recognition. I already feel like my local experiences are something mutable, in a state of flux, all I can expect is change.

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