I am not sure of my next move. This year is a big year for big decisions, a lot of things have come to their final stages and that is challenging as well as exciting, although I am in the throws of some of the challenging parts. It is always hard to see ahead, I imagine the current dramas to dissipate over the next few weeks, or at least I hope so, then the next stage is repairing and then onto the next set of issues. Then hopefully by the end of the year, there is a chance for some new beginnings. There are always challenges somewhere yet little ones here and there are manageable, it is just when things have dragged on for years that you want a clear path ahead.

There are a lot of decisions even once things have settled by the end of the year, I am open to seeing what they will be and how difficult they will be. I can’t say exactly what I will do at this stage though I am thinking about it. I think having a little bit of martial arts training has helped me with staying calm even when the ceiling is falling in on me, I just stay calm, find a way to minimise any damage and then find a dry spot to sleep. I must admit though I am getting bags under my eyes. I find it hard to get to sleep and then I am normally up early. It is hard to do your normal routine when things are chaotic. 

I think this Sunday I will be up early and off to the mountains for a day trip. I wanted to do some bigger painting up there but will probably just do a quick study and possibly a drawing. I need to get some buckets and will have to travel to Alexandria as my local hardware doesn’t have much stock of any. 

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