Joking around

A young guy at work was joking around saying would you take ten billion dollars if you had to roll a dice to determine your IQ. It is all a bit of fun but if you did have that much money and people knew about it, you would have to live in a gated suburb or a mansion with security. No more freedom going from place to place with ease, we take walking down the street for granted, there is an ugliness in suburbia and an ugliness in a mansion for example. Even iron seating in a garden can be ugly in its heavy decorum, we want to escape but when we do what happens then? 

I jokingly said I wouldn’t want another hit to my IQ, at least potentially anyway, or you could gain. Gaining intelligence may also heed you as you see the world through a different lens. The question itself though is really all about change, what changes would you really want to see and what do those changes really entail? Things are always changing regardless and you don’t need to worry about your IQ or a large sum of money in any case unless you want to torture yourself for the sake of change itself. I suppose what I am saying is fairly stupid in itself.

Yet change is mostly unknown, when the changes happen, that is the changes you can’t control, what do you do about it? You need to adjust, there are constant adjustments. The changes you enact also require an adjustment, as then you may be ambitious and think what can I do next? Something that we were talking about in Tai Ji class the other day is, you should be focused on the ending, not the beginning. The ending is the most important part as that determines where you end up. 

So if you enact change and when change happens on its own do you know where it ends? What does the ending look like? The ending needs to be determined first, otherwise, you could potentially be upset at the changes, even if you had all of the money in the world or the sharpest IQ you could lack peace and fulfilment. It is something I need to think about myself, if I make a lot of changes, there are changes coming this year, for example, I need to think, about what does the ending look like. 

Endings are simply new beginnings. Yet it takes longer to get to the start from the end. That is from end to end. If you consider the winter season for example. It is a negative season, in that it is cold and so forth. Yet in winter it is the kernel for summer as the positive energy slowly increases. Then from the height of summer, the energy decreases. So potentially are you prepared for winter? Are you prepared for retirement? Are you prepared for old age? Are you making the adjustments? That is the end of life, yet there are many cycles in between.

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