Making Garbage

Back in the early nineties, I became well known in the graffiti scene in Australia. I was making canvas work and airbrushed T-shirts, at the time people were queuing up to get anything I made even if it was garbage. It was nice to be supported but when I look at it now it seems it was just that I was famous and people wanted some kind of stake in the game. I was heavily into illegal graffiti back then. These days I make far better work, in that it is a mostly archival grade with far more complex skills involved, especially the drawings but I can’t move any of it these days. A friend of mine was saying that the days of artists living in obscurity and getting known after their death are long gone. We are truly in a commercial world. I suppose once I die who knows, it will go to landfill. I suppose the good thing in all of this is that I get to live in relative peace and I am not harassed by people wanting me to send my stuff in every direction. I am not just selling any piece of junk I make and having to commercialise everything I do, which is good.

I went to the Blue Mountains just out of Sydney and I spent the day painting in the garage and painting a landscape study the other day. A friend popped by in the afternoon, I had some mineral water on offer and we talked for an hour. I left the mountains and headed into Chinatown for a meal. It was a good day, work has been hectic in that there has been a lot of organising going on. A lot of great projects happening and coming up. 

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