A new beginning

Some people still find quitting social media hard to fathom, I said to one friend, I can’t manage it anymore as there is a lot on. They will say, just use it occasionally, or whatever, yet that comes down to managing it, when you can’t you can’t. I saw a friend yesterday and we went for dinner and had a walk through the city. I took a few photos and went to Barangaroo, a new development on the harbour. It is quite impressive, yet a little imposing as well. I didn’t have a good look around but at least saw a bit of it. We took off to Wynyard and caught a tram. I turned off the microphones on my smart speakers, they then show an annoying orange LED strip so I turn them off until I need them now. It shows that I should never have bought smart speakers in the first place, they try to coerce you to have the microphone on, even when you don’t want it on.

I suppose you could surmise a number of reasons why these things happen these days. Personally I am happy just unplugging things that don’t do what I want them to do or expect them to do. I suppose you could say, why are you not accepting the way things are? My answer would be, I want to disconnect from the system to some extent, things that don’t suit me, I want out of, there is a lot that is still in the system. The system itself is the problem, that is what breeds division and other anti-social activities like racism for example. I don’t think it is just education, education helps but won’t cure pack mentalities. The system breeds division as it stands today, what is the system? Late capitalism, police states, market based government along with social media. 

People in power say social media needs to be managed by the government to control it, yet the government needs division to have a reason to exist. There are divisions of state lines, geopolitical activities and state based goals. This all sounds draconian but has been going on for many decades, it has reached an end point which is a new beginning.

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