Getting stuff done

A few friends were surprised I left my social media accounts behind, there are a few reasons I made the decision, I believe the main reason is that I have a lot on this year. There is a lot to do, it isn’t ambitious stuff but just practical things that need to be done. To be honest, it isn’t riveting stuff but very beneficial and long overdue, I can’t really itemise it all here because that would be pointless. One thing I can discuss besides all of the practical stuff that needs doing, I will be entering the Dobell drawing prize and have to get a few drawings done so I can choose one, frame it and enter it.

I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about how the digital world can be somewhere people disappear into, never to be seen again, of course that sounds dramatic but I am sure people can get the idea. This is especially so for older people, if you were older and had less time, would you want to spend your final years in the digital world? Also besides all the many things to manage and do this year I don’t need distractions, then how do you get all of these jobs done? 

I feel that my brother-in-law has the right idea. He is big on privacy and probably doesn’t want to waste time and the problem I have is I can’t have too many distractions. I was looking at some of my rather bad poetry the other day, I suppose as a book it was good, it gave some context about trying to manage mental health issues. I have been listening to poetry a lot lately and I know I have struggled with poetry. I have just done it for the therapy but I feel that more poetry will come, I just hope it’s better than the last lot I made anyway.

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