Change can be like therapy

Lately, I have been listening to ‘The Poetry Society’ podcast, a UK based Podcast, it is very interesting, I would normally listen to the ‘Poetry Magazine Podcast’ which is an American based outfit. I love poetry but feel like I am a novice at understanding who is who in the poetry world, though I find it washes over me and I try to remember that it isn’t really about understanding the poets but can be an experience regardless. I wish I could remember the various poets and collect their works but up until recently, I couldn’t get my bearings. I probably still can’t and went to the book store the other day and bought a Sydney based poet Jack Randall Lee, some prose collections, Women Chinese Poets and something by Sylvia Plath. I need to pay attention to the Podcasts and hunt down some of the poet’s collections because a lot of what I saw at the book store was classic poetry or well-known poets. I will get there in the end I suppose, I regret selling some of my old poetry books when I was starving at university. A lot of those poets are hard to find in print as they were popular a few decades ago and are not in print now. At the same time, I needed to make ends meet to get through uni and I am finding a lot of the poetry I am hearing to be beautiful and it still satisfies me to hear language in poetic form.

I went to a Chinese restaurant the other day with my youngest who is an adult now, we tried chicken feet, it is pretty good but has a slightly pungent odour so I think I would have to bring some hand wipes for after the meal. It is tasty though, honestly, if I didn’t have hand wipes I wouldn’t be getting it again. We had a soup as it was a cold summer day and some seaweed salad, it had been a long day as well so it was energising. For some reason the day before I was in a little bit of an angry mood, I didn’t take it out on anyone but did some of the more aggressive moves at Qi Gong. I know why I was feeling the way I was, I needed some changes from the normal habits I had been doing. I feel like I don’t want to spell it all out because it is my own experience and understanding, people have their own reality to deal with which isn’t mine. I suppose I am frustrated at the everyday reality I find myself in, yet the solutions are quite easy to implement on my end. The relief was instant as well, Sometimes changing habits can be very therapeutic.

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