Deleting various accounts and drawing

I have deleted my Instagram accounts, I had two, I think it is too hard to manage social media accounts. I have some people I like keeping in touch with but it is such a hard platform to manage. Facebook is difficult as well but I don’t find it gets out of hand in the same way Instagram does. I deleted my graffiti Facebook account though because I only used it once every two years. I like Facebook Messenger because it is practical but I am not that excited about it in general. I feel like I have lost a few headaches now, I would wrack my brain thinking how I could get through all of the bogus fake accounts and so on. An easy way is getting an app that can catalogue all of your users into categories and you can cull the dead accounts but I am paranoid about security. These apps don’t actually get your password but get a hashed form of it that they can use for your account but I still don’t like it and it’s only a temporary fix, as the problems themselves are built into the platform.

I am in the beginning stages of a new series of drawings, they are based on reference material I have photographed over many decades up until 2003, then I went digital which was probably a mistake but digital did improve pretty fast. I was talking about drawing with my brother in law and he was saying how drawing from photographs is fraught with issues. I agreed but told him that people with life drawing skills know how to make reference drawings look more like life drawings, this is through understanding how to add weight and depth from their life drawing skills. I think you need to play to your strengths in life and drawing is one of my strengths, it also gives me the opportunity to create more material for walls. There is also the enjoyment of working visual things out, I admit that I really like making mistakes in art in general, it is just that they show the process of working out the visual problems at hand.

With the loss of family more recently I will catch myself thinking about telling them something then realise that they are on some other plane that isn’t the three-dimensional reality we all live in at the moment. It will take a while to get used to it, although I may never get used to it, it isn’t too jarring or upsetting but just strange, I suppose I can just think the thoughts in my head and maybe hope that is enough. 

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