An art without artistic aims

I get on my high horse about some issues that I barely understand at all. For example, I have felt for a long time that aerosol art lacks depth, that a lot of the fanfare is around work that is pretty shallow or just a trend. It isn’t that I don’t like work that is shallow or has no drive for anything but surface pleasures but my own drive is for some depth. Not visual depth but that can be more than just eye candy. What annoys me most is I don’t know how to get to that ideal myself. I set that goal, some people say it is cringey, I think it is cringey but I don’t know how else to find that thing I find in art. 

I have said that graffiti is not an art, then I have said it is an art but I think objectively the illegal side of it is an art without artistic aims. I can see art in the most destitute graffiti-ridden capitalist dystopia but how do you bring all of that into practice without direct observation representation? What is it you are representing? A clean surface digital fantasm or the mess of unused space. The space is used though, it is used for graffiti. It isn’t there to please you, yet you find some pleasure in it. It is the effort, not effrontery, a fast transaction that is so cheap that it negates the value. 

A Ferrari with a big scratch down the side, you know money has been lost, you have to hide it, manufacture perfection a place dedicated to fiction. Capitalism is fiction, once the item is sold it loses value in most cases, you must make more fiction until reality disappears then graffiti appears. Maybe that is it, it is just making the reality you don’t want. That is the problem, we want a perfect fictional world full of fantasies, fantasies that you can never really have. Always out of reach, beyond, beyond so far out of reach is the goal, then it is lauded. All I want is the possibility of getting close to that fictional world.

The wealthy are living the fiction, or are they really? We are led to believe that someone actually possesses this unreachable fictional world. Yet all we can do is design it, we design the illusion, the graffiti in that abandoned lot is also designed, yet it doesn’t yearn for perfection, it simply outlines the imperfections as quickly as possible, every second counts. You don’t want to be caught there red-handed outside of the fiction that we are trapped in.

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