Plenty good

I have been on a detox and doing plenty of Qi Gong. I have had to steer clear of social media to avoid split opinions on nearly everything. Only last week there were police clashes in Melbourne and police beating people in Sydney while Blackhawk helicopters did flyovers of my local suburb. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it. But recently I haven’t been feeling all that great. I guess I have felt the situation and I am hoping with detox and plenty of walks I can start to feel better. Anxiety is a physical problem as well as a mental issue. I suppose I normally feel great physically and so what goes on in the outside world is considered but not felt in such a way as to unsettle me. Everyone is different mind you. I have been told I should start to feel better in around a week. What really has helped me is Qi Gong in the past and without it now I think I would feel a lot worse. Mind you I feel better than last week. The one thing that works wonders is sleep.

My Dad has been moved to respite and he hasn’t been too well of late. That is hard for him and the family. We are hoping that leaving the hospital might help him get some energy back and get into a better routine. My sister will be able to see him next week and I will head up on Friday to sort out legal papers. I will have to head back to Sydney the same day as I can’t stay up there as things are currently. Also, I will be able to avoid the crowds as lockdown is lifted and technically I am not allowed out of my local area but can go up for legal and compassionate reasons. 

I wrote most of the last two paragraphs last night before bed. I felt a wave of relaxation overcome me and all of the anxiety lifted. I am still a little bit sore but at least I am no longer anxious. It has been testing times that is for sure. Today was a cold wet day for the people who can come out of lockdown. Pubs were open from midnight last night and most were packed from what I have heard. I saw some busy pubs while I walked home. The streets were definitely busier. I can only access critical retail for at least the next month or so. I was working today and people could come in-store. It was better that people could see you working because with click and collect people thought that things would magically appear within moments. 

There have been quite a few months of staggered stock supply issues to contend with and they will probably be ongoing for the rest of the year. Sales used to be pretty fast and things rarely dragged on. Now sales take an age and are complicated. Backorders are as thick as a novel. People want to spend money and do their job and they get frustrated these days. I have worked so hard the last few months and then you realise at the end of the day that most of that work is just a lot of searching and trying to locate, despatch supplies to wherever they are needed. Even though you worked so hard there is little to show for it. Your superiors are trying to understand the situation and see if they can do anything about it.

With everyone stuck at home, online orders have exploded and container ships can’t make it into ports to pick things up. So it really is complex and there is even more to it than I have outlined. The current government in Australia are a wrecking crew. They have been working on this cluster f&*k for a few years. It isn’t all their fault mind you, but they deserve a mention because they have been isolating the country from the rest of the world to please our masters, the good old USA. The funny thing is we still can’t get enough of them and feel our own descent into this quagmire is for the greater good. If only Australia could serve our own interests and keep the economy in good shape instead of trying to serve others. I suppose the goal is to go down with the ship. Loyalty and all of that. There is an election next year and it could be too late to turn things around. The government is trying to use national security as a ploy to deflect bad management. Most people have no idea and will beat their chests in unison. Nothing better than making an enemy out of a country that hasn’t been in a war since the 1940s. A country that is making so much money that has almost zero poverty. Anyway, as you can tell I am feeling a bit better and it is almost time for my Qi Gong

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