getting excited by art

I had a chat with an artist the other day online. I always find art exciting. Especially when I meet a practitioner. The artist in question was a well-known graffiti artist from Sydney who has gone into ceramics. The artist asked me some questions about my practice and my prior study. I asked of theirs. My own practice is two dimensional, drawing, painting or time based like video. I admire sculptors. This artist had studied printmaking and sculpture. These are two art forms I get really excited about. I have never done any finished printmaking though I have played with simple sculptural forms though not in a truly sculptural sense anyway. I love printmaking but would never see myself doing any. Only because my mind and hands are satisfied with the pressure of a pencil on paper or a brush finding a place on a canvas or paper. I just want to admire the art form from afar. Sometimes I get too excited and can probably scare people off with my enthusiasm.

I do admit though, it is always hard to stay motivated in solitary activities. Where your efforts don’t always satisfy your imagination or your imagination seems prone to errors of judgement or skill. Or skill suddenly seems unimportant as you occasionally surprise yourself but don’t seem to meet any like-minded enthusiasm for your work that seems disjointed and singular. A singular work, though rare won’t always register with many. There is no room for discovery because everything is mapped and was destined for the hands of collectors or purveyors of cultural items. Most artists who make obscure items have to rely on funding from funding bodies that find them with small audiences who can critique those short moments where culture meets a region or place. I am always encouraged to see art in different settings. Or get a window in on another practice.  

I do understand the struggle. Living with your own decisions and inadequacies. Trying to stay positive. Trying to keep focused and creative. It can seem fruitless yet also the most pressing issue. I try to remember that I only make art for therapeutic reasons. Reasons of adding the right pressure to a line or finding a connection that I could never have planned in the lines that intersect a drawing. A drawing can seem to make sense to me and leave others wondering what it is about? Is it a map of a set of decisions? Is it dimensional? What purpose does it have? Is it a form of planning for something completely different? Is it a set of mistakes that will be avoided in future endeavours? Drawing has potential either way. I need to push drawing for a while. There need to be bigger works down the line. Only to see. I want to know what those drawings will look like. I genuinely find art making of all forms exciting. 

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