complaining reigning

People will sometimes mention certain gripes or opinions in regard to what attitudes they encounter. Other people will counter with if you don’t like it go someplace else or whatever. This is as though there is no room for counterarguments and people can actually go someplace else. I am not going to bother mentioning my own gripes in this blog post because people have heard it all before. Although I haven’t ever mentioned it as of yet. It will remain something floating in the air without any form. Yet the attitudes I encounter are downright scary. There is the old adage that grief is better shared. Yet there is no grief, some misgivings and a need to share the burden. How long can anyone avoid the inevitable? What is the inevitable and why is it inevitable?

We live in a society with no moral compass. Yet after killing Muslims for twenty years we will say another country has been doing it and their acts are worse than ours. Actually, we can’t be held accountable for anything because we don’t live under a barrage of guided bombing sorties. We act yet it is not really an act. The status quo can’t be questioned because you like going to the coffee shop and having a particular cake. You prefer a spoon to a fork for this cake. The shareholders are making money with every bomb dropped. We didn’t do it. Yet we did it for twenty years in multiple countries. Remember, we are the good guys.

People who bludge, whinge, and generally sponge off the system are the real culprits, yes the shareholders are the problem. Or is it the system itself? Self-entitlement is the problem. How can we fund wars when people expect welfare? We need to keep shifting the blame. The person making problems has to be able to point out and fabricate other problems to keep shifting the blame. You always have to pass the buck. Keep shifting. Keep moving. Make sure there is no room left for thought or self-criticism. You need distractions and they have to be broadcast on demand. While bombs are dropping far away you have to be enthralled in a good streamed series of entertainment. 

After twenty years the same stories apply. Heroine overcomes the forces of evil. A daughter is kidnapped and the father seeks revenge in order to save her. A superhero struggles with his own demons and has to save the city. Syria lies in ruins, Afghanistan’s opium fields are ready to be harvested. Codeine tablets cause a young woman to seek new highs. There is always an opportunity in a disaster. Aggression turns inward as remote wars are no longer an option. If you want to complain about it I will turn a deaf ear and accuse you of being a socialist or a communist or a sympathiser of a foreign country. Remember I am no longer able to be blamed. My bombs do good. Everything that I have done is good. If you don’t like it go someplace else. Stop complaining and let me keep on reigning.

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