rape gods: a poem

Violent encroah
Soft flesh meat
Hard strum
Rythym engross
His ecstacy high
While I fall
Bruising bloodied

Violent rises to a peak
Ejection and a sudden slow
It’s not for your pleasure
It is his in aggression

A last hit and decoupling
A kick to the floor
He held his hand back
Couldn’t even flinch
Clinch pain swelling
Left alive alone
Spent and detached

Detached from my self
Where was I? I knew too well
Why did this happen?
Genetics criminal insanity
Drugs and crime
Prison time
We can’t share our pain

Was it enjoyable?
To have control
Over a naked body
The only goal to engage
Through a quest
Like mythical gods
Fallen to earth

They had no humanity
As they were gods
From on high
We though are much worse
Mortal and flawed
Yet we are supposed to try
To be more than beasts

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