I have written three short books. They are pretty average to say the least. The first ‘Ran Wicked’ is a story of growing up with mental illness and its development. It is the best of the three but still a poor effort on my part. The second book ‘Precision’ is a dystopian future novel that is very poorly written and has a lot of suspect ideas in it. The third ‘A bad performance’ is the worst of the lot. It pokes fun at a bunch of young artists and was meant to be humorous but lacks any depth. My book of poetry is atrocious and straight up strange. I am still to finish a small collection of short stories, absolute trash to be honest. I keep postponing finishing because I can’t bring myself to look at it. I avoid it as much as I can.

The second book ‘Precision’ is very influenced by a martial arts teacher I trained with some time ago and have reconnected with after a long break. It seems strange that I published that book only a few months before returning to my previous training. The actual training is based on Taoism. Taoism is interesting, the most famous Taosit historically was Zhuge Liang who was a military strategist, prime minister, inventor and had many roles in his lifetime trying to unify China in the time of the three kingdoms. My martial arts teacher is very well versed in politics, military developments and world events. He always tries to give his students an understanding from different points of view. This can be challenging as I found many years prior.

Most people can’t flex their mental perspectives. Tao has both light and dark within. It requires understanding that isn’t simply binary. You need to see the binary as one and that each crosses over into the other moving both within and without. Like a flux. Good and bad are practically the same yet they are also opposing but not opposing. They are within each other. So this book ‘Precision’ has two sides. One is technologically superior and wealthy and the other side is wracked with poverty and desperation. One represents the western system and the other the war riddled middle east. They are separated by a wall. They literally sit side by side. The wealthy side are painted as selfish, self centred and systematically killing human life to protect their own way of life. 

The poor side also has those who want to kill through terrorism and terrorise the wealthy yet their humanity is also availed as there are those who don’t want to follow terrorist principles. There are those of the wealthy who don’t have a bad bone in their body but they are helpless because of the system they are in and they don’t entirely understand the situation. There is both good and bad within each side and in the book they sit side by side crossing over into each other. I think I could have fleshed the book out more and developed it better. The last book I wrote was light hearted but sometimes that can be interpreted as lazy and a bit selfish. I hope one day I can write something decent. Currently I am painting and drawing mostly. Writing has been too much for me this year.

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