Doomsday mentality

Recently the Biden administration spoke about wars being fought over oil in the past and that wars in the future would be fought over water. Now the US signals its satisfaction with Japan to dump one hundred million tonnes of contaminated sea water into the Pacific Ocean. What we are dealing with is a doomsday mentality in the US administration. As the US loses power they will enact more destructive campaigns to unsettle the world. This selfish power play is the US as we have known it in the past heading towards a demise it wants to share around. Contaminated water from this release would reach Australia within 57 days according to current models. Is Australia simply too cowed by the US administration to care for its own future?

Or has decades of being a US vassal made Australia want to share the demise? Either way Japan’s intentions are destructive and theoretically Australia could suffer three million more cancer cases a year than it currently does if this doomsday scenario plays out. In all honesty, most people have a doomsday mentality in general or simply don’t want to think about these issues. From environmental destruction to the demise of life on Earth there are scenarios for everyone. I have friends who have doomsday mentailities fed by various media channels. Yet when a real disaster affronts us there is very little mention or engagement. Instead the theoretical models are waded in for a type of modern first world attitude that signals an inevitable future of climate horror.

Then when a real scenario plays out people feel it fits their doomsday understanding so they don’t move a finger or raise any protest. The scary part of this issue is it could spark a war. Japan knows this only too well. If the water is safe, why don’t they release it locally?

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