Who is sacrosanct?

It is always bizarre to be accused of parroting the Chinese Communist party when you hold up America’s human rights record. In Australia for example Indigenous Australians are killed in custody and justice is never served. Then countries like the US and Australia will encourage and even pay Chinese dissidents to smear China for abuses they claim to have suffered. What if China were to pay Indigenous Australians to report their abuse? Australians would be in a huge huff if this happened. Mainly because it threatens the status quo. The whole point of Western countries paying and encouraging dissidents is to upset the status quo in China. Why wouldn’t you expect the Chinese government to find this overbearing and unfair. Why meddle in other countries’ affairs? I actually hope the Chinese do start paying indigenous Australians to smear Australia. It would be a great lesson for Australia. There are a few minorities in Australia that could do with some easy cash. The reason China doesn’t meddle in other countries’ affairs that have muddy human rights records is that these nations are sovereign and need to sort their own internal affairs out. So why frame China as the bad guy? Why the Korean war? Why the Vietnam war? Why the trade war? All instigated by rotten foreign policies that demonise other countries and political systems. Every Westerner will go and have a little cry at a Vietnam war movie or middle eastern refugee movie but won’t understand that the premise of the whole war or wars was totally evil. Yes evil! Don’t let anyone sugar coat these crimes against humanity. 

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