Who is Australia really hurting?

With all of the Anti-China sentiment coming out of Australia at the moment, it begs the question. Who is Australia hurting? Australia has a deep connection to the United States culturally. China is Australia’s biggest trading partner. The more Australia tries to adhere to US policies. At times going further than the US itself. It makes you wonder who Australia will hurt. China isn’t perfect, yet neither is the US. China isn’t trying to make others join the Communist cause. Why try to make Hong Kong capitalist? Why wonder when China protects its territory. Governments control their populations. Taxes and prisons are two examples of control. The idea of freedom and democracy fails under scrutiny. We experience freedom only up to a point. So too do those in Hong Kong. Although in Hong Kong tax rates are quite low. They haven’t changed since colonial rule. Please take in the term ‘colonial’. Maybe this will help people fathom what is going on in Hong Kong. The old colonial masters are hoping to reclaim territory back that was never theirs in the first place. So why try to hurt China when in the end you only make your true intentions known. There is nowhere left to hide. The stories against China serve to damage Australia’s standing in a world that has moved on from colonialism. There is a new saying around the world: “It is better to be an enemy of America than be its friend”. It isn’t about hating America but hating colonialism and imperialist motives.

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