Frank Stella and Rammellzee

If I were to describe the similarities between Rammellzee and Frank Stella, it would be a stretch. What I see is two artists with complexity in form. Stella’s forms are abstract and filled with intricacy, where Rammellzee has the human figure as his form and elaborate detail within the structure. They are very different artists, yet I can see correlations between both artists. Something I have found difficult to resolve in my work is the relationship between figuration and abstraction. They are separated or interconnected within the aerosol art piece. Making them cohere is where the difficulty lies. The structure of abstract letterforms can be a harmonious model of application of colour. Contrast is key to finishing the aerosol art piece. Aerosol art will bring together symbolism with figuration through practice. Then how do you use both of these artists in one aerosol artwork? The biggest problem is the convolution of form. That is what I need to resolve going forward. As Gerhardt Richter has implied, it comes through work.

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