graffiti for yuppies 101

In 2002 I was doing aerosol works with a graffiti artist named Smeoo. We had a small exhibition in a restaurant in Sydney’s Darling Harbour precinct. We put the show up and had a small gathering when word got back to me that the restaurant manager said my work looked like graffiti for yuppies. Actually this flippant remark will never leave me. The fact is some art can have that look to it. Also people usually take things at face value. They see something different and try to box it as quickly as possible. If only my work was collected by yuppies or anyone for that matter. In practise I am really an able minded outsider artist who just so happened to go to art school for years. My art is not within normal bounds of theoretical or cultural practice because it is an offshoot of graffiti. Graffiti whether for yuppies or bogans is considered rubbish. It is simply a way to other avenues such as gaol, drugs, advertising or pop art. Graffiti is mainly theorised in terms of pop art/branding. What I think makes my work fall out of these conventions is the interest in tagging, refuse, grime and disorganisation. This also has mental health connections. Disorganised thinking is typical of certain spectrum disorders like schizophrenia. The only issue with this particular exhibition was I gave no context in writing to describe the work’s goals. I admit these days I am all for making an artists statement. I used to think that was boring because the work had to speak for itself though everything is just a reflection of our own bias and point of view.

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