Self isolation as Mass isolation

Isolation is something we are all dealing with to some extent. It is quite out of character for human beings to accept being isolated. With my condition, I have blogged about human sociability as though it is some kind of problem. Of course it isn’t and at those times I am trying to shift peoples perspectives to maybe think out of the norm. Human sociability drives us in so many ways. The other issue I have talked about is gang mentalities. Where groups fail to think with empathy and can behave strangely enough, anti-socially even though they are operating within a social model. I have complained about social media as well here and there. So many people have a break from social media because it is such a mind web where people find and create ideas that seem like shards of virtual broken glass. 

So what makes isolation bearable? A rich inner world helps. Rather than waiting for external cues there is the world lying mysteriously in books and other quiet cultural tomes. I definitely don’t dislike human social needs but because of my condition I find them hard to understand. The problem of course is all mine. I can’t expect anyone to understand this strange misunderstanding though at least now I have companions in isolation. Self isolation. In these strange times we can work on ourselves. Though I don’t really appreciate all of these isolated companions hoarding toilet paper and keeping their fragile mental health in order. It really is hard. To be honest I also have the social problem. Normally I visit a restaurant and give the waiter a nod on arrival.

I try unsuccessfully to communicate with the Chinese herbalist or I visit a small shop and ask a question. Someone will approach me when I am painting on the street and ask me a question. Even me, a barely social animal can’t escape my own social needs. They are fairly meagre needs mind you but they are always there no matter what I, or the DSM V says.

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