Mysterious gates escape technique

I started writing a play over a year ago. I started writing it  in 2018. I didn’t write much in 2019 in the way of stories. I finished two short stories this year and they were started in 2018. They were originally started to become a book but I got carried away and simplified everything. There wasn’t much to them really. They were more direct and the story was just enough to get everything across quickly. I have some more ideas for the play. I have written three scenes so far and it kind of works in a very stereotypical way. I have read quite a few plays over the years and I got the bug because I could really see the scenes and I love dialogue. Just the other night I could see and hear one of the new characters. I can’t wait to write him in. For some reason I couldn’t sit down and write as today was my only day off. Next week I will have three days off to be able to get some writing in.

Today I made a visual table to denote the Chinese 24 seasons (二十四节气) in relation to the nine chambers of the QiMenDunJia [-(奇门遁甲)-(Mysterious gates escape technique)-]. I was actually quite happy with it because it had the various numbers associated with each season and chamber. Basically it was nine chambers with each external chamber having nine chambers within it to show the numbers. It would make sense to a seasoned QiMenDunJia(奇门遁甲) user but would need to be explained to a novice user. I myself am a novice but now I finally understand the 24 seasons and I printed off my tabular chart and pinned it to my sunroom wall. I will need to commit it to memory over the next few months though I have a hand from my Chinese calendar apps on my phone and computer.

Since the whole pandemic, I have had a bit more time to do things. I had to visit my Dad once a week prior to keep an eye on him. It seems he has been doing ok as a friend of mine visited him. My Mum was coming down with a cold last week so I brought her some Chinese herbal tea. Other than that things have been quiet. Although a couple of days ago there was a hostage situation in my building. I walked out of my apartment to go to work and the police had cordoned off the street. They made me walk down the street so they could ask me some questions. They wouldn’t tell me what was going on so I thought that the situation had passed. I told them my daughter was upstairs but they said she was safe. I went to work and texted my daughter what I knew of the situation and two hours later heavily armed police raided my building.

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