Creative endeavour

I am not a fan of nostalgia. When I look back at pieces from 1985 I see a creative endeavour. I am actually saying those pieces are better than what is going on now. You can’t just copy the past. You have to draw inspiration from the creative process.

Jive by Jive 1985

Graffiti eventually became a manchild social order based on manchild principles. The foundations were lost to fashion and a self consciousness that is at once self absorbed and ego, based on low self esteem. Obviously I can’t talk for everyone. This is simply my opinion based on my own limited knowledge.

Jive by Jive 1985

Some people won’t even rate their old work even though it was their most creative stage. It is like when Public Enemies Chuck D says “leave those crime ryhmes on the shelf”, everyone went down a different path. What you have to remember is that some people were not that creatively inclined. They were swept up in the positive force of early hip hop and they actually shined until the social monster appeared.

TDF by Jive 1985-6

What was so monstrous about a very fast loss of innocence? Everything. You could call these works naive and in a way they are but really they are purely creative and somewhat inspired. It reminds me of the Tao, when the sage says knowledge becomes a curse. The spontaneous becomes premeditated and the innocence is lost to a social order based on hyper masculinity.

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