There are far more questions than answers at the moment. Does economic rationalism negate the common good and the basic needs of humanity? You could argue that business is what makes society tick. That is what gives us opportunity and wealth. That is the problem though, namely wealth. Not everyone can be wealthy or have wealth. If you employ people you are sharing some of that wealth but to what percentage? Others could argue that wealth accumulation drains that particular wealth from communities and the average person. People could argue these points for ever and never get anywhere. What if we were in a crisis? Then wealthy people also lose their wealth along with smaller investors and businesses of all shapes and sizes. The crisis could be called ‘survival capitalism’ where we could possibly not even have a small amount of wealth left for the poor or less wealthy in the way of employment or welfare. Does Communism provide a better model in a time of crisis? Is Capitalism able to provide for all of its citizens in a time of crisis?

Has Communist China fared better than Capitalist countries in this crisis? This question is still open as countries try to deal with a pandemic. Maybe some of these questions will be answered sooner than we think.

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