toilet paper policies

People have been celebrating self centredness not only in the consumption of toilet paper but in art and culture. The question is will anybody learn from the fall of an artist or the fall of society? Does anybody actually care anymore? That isn’t really a question is it? People have voted in largely economic worshipping governments, they have been buying art from the most commercial standpoint. Robert Hughes criticised the move to a purely finance based art economy, you see that blasted word ‘economy’ again. Who cares about culture. We have shared values, a market based economy. Yes it never ends. Nobody can afford to have altruistic values in a market based economy. We are simply left to claw over each in the supermarket aisle for a 24 pack of toilet rolls.

This is actually what people want. They voted for it with these scenarios in mind. They assumed a certain victory of the strong over the weak. Money and power ruling over the feeble. People are waiting for a change but the damage is done. Artists propped up on money have already laid their marketing seed in all of the wrong places. It isn’t just about money but a lack of decency to top it off. Anyone with a moral compass is left to fend for themselves. Best of luck with that. It is a mugs game. Market yourself, build your audience, make money or die. Who the hell needs money anyway? Strict limits, unlimited delusion, art prizes, grants, rinse repeat. Stick to the script. Don’t veer off course. Don’t take real risks, take financial ones.

It all becomes style and branding. Move units don’t move the compass. Surfaces, a home invasion for a pack of toilet paper. You have to be willing to take risks you see. Don’t worry there will be other artists to replace the rock god, there will be another society to replace this one and hopefully you can get your hands on some toilet paper without getting into an altercation.

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