letterform: compositional bending and stretching of recognition

Lettering for me now is more a compositional framework. I want it to disappear. The idea of seeing letters or knowing they are there becomes an imaginative exercise. All things come back to text. Even text that can’t be put into words. Text that upholds yet is beyond description. What does it matter, it is like Frank Stella alludes to, you see what you see. The beauty of letters is the compositional bending and stretching of recognition. Though if you were in the right place at the right time and looked, maybe letters could exist in any frame. So with that in mind I am not saying that lettering doesn’t matter it is just that every element of applying/drawing paint onto a surface plays some role or other. If you look for text you may or may not find it. Though imaginatively the drawing of the paint, the overlapping lines that make forms or lines or illusions of depth can be held together by the writing of the words which itself is the drawing painting piece of writing. The graffiti stylewriter may not come back to established art which I feel is unfortunate yet also what makes aerosol culture what it is. Why do I even mention when I have no real connection to a gallery or institution? Well it is about pushing any artform whether low or high art. Finding something that you can manipulate and discover through the plastic arts. I was lucky to get to art school, many wouldn’t necessarily find themselves in an institution and I respect that though one still needs to know where boundaries begin and end. Books, writing, knowledge we all want to know what has come before us. In saying that I need to keep reading and studying myself. Just so I can excel in my artform.

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