The fire and the light: A poem

Incubus, succubus, supernatural embodiment

You are laughing again

Laughing at our quandary

A pitiful plight

Stripped of kindness

You saw my humanity

It was a weakness

It was insufficient

We left our dwelling behind

All for the fire of civilisation

Both a boon and calamity

The fire enlightens and burns all in its path

A turn of events

Where cash flow Trump’s welfare

Lost security to Incubus, Succubus

The devil is in the details

God is in you

Just look at the dust

The dead grass

The felled trees

What if you died?

Does the world stop?

Does God die again?

Does the money keep flowing?

Live in an economy

Dream in an economy

Die in an economy

Forget empathy

You are one number among many

You were belittled for the corporal

The economy that came for your existence

To crush you and every living being

To crush you into dust

To crush you into the dry soil

To squeeze the water from your body

To see the fire become the only light in a dark world

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