Man made disaster

If you think something strange and diabolical is going on these days, you are quite right to feel this way. Are your freedoms being stripped even more and more to protect corporate interests? Of course they are. The war on terror was just the preamble to prepare you. Yet we didn’t realise how deep these changes would penetrate (getting screwed by the system so to speak). When you are in a super democratic dictatorship of sorts all of your priorities get swept aside. Global warming, climate protests, deforestation, water security, welfare, and security in general all fall aside through draconian law. People voted in money, they wanted to prioritise the economy but what does that really mean? People thought it had to do with their money but it is all about the corporate profit and the shareholders. You though should have been the shareholder but instead you were stuck with a ridiculous mortgage and rising costs. Like I said before, getting screwed by the system. So why protect it? Why feel you have to go this way when what you really want is the opposite. Well nobody could see the connection. They took everything at face value. Well, you were being screwed so to speak. Now people realise but they are stuck with a corrupt unjust government that wants to stay in power for the full term.

People don’t realise the other reasons why our climate is changing. It isn’t just global warming. Australia has had record deforestation and an international body that warns governments let the government know. The government didn’t care. Water has been auctioned off to private companies leaving those downstream with very little to work with. All of these profit over common sense policies are impacting our environment. Australia has always had a delicate environment because most life clings to the coastal forests. Yet those forests have been under immense pressure due to government policies. Coal mining, fracking, deforestation, water mismanagement has taken its toll. Artists I have spoken to are stocking up on food and essentials for the current disaster. Mainly because it is going to affect us all sooner than we think.

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