Waiting at the gateway

I am pretty naive in general. In the past I did graffiti and thought that was the main focus of everyone’s activities. That was the last thing on a lot of people’s minds to be honest. The more I learn about the truth of people’s past, the more I realise that I was the one focused on graffiti while others were not. It was mainly because I was focused on creative exploits that I never learnt the truth. Now I will say it. Most of those supposed graffiti artists were not doing graffiti at all. They were fighting, raping and stealing. I learned some things about one individuals past recently that I never knew he was even capable of. I won’t mention it here to protect a victims privacy. It is beyond comprehension. That is why I find graffiti a lost cause. The less I know the better really. The more I find out the more I realise how naive I was. Graffiti was supposed to be a positive force that changed peoples lives, yet most of the time it wasn’t. It was infiltrated by the criminal set. By criminals in waiting. They were at the gateway. Just waiting to get in.

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