Writing on walls

When I was in China I didn’t see very much western style graffiti. This of course is no surprise as it is an entirely different culture. There were many great spots for graffiti with all the building going on. The problem with these spots was they were quite populous. Even in an out of the way part of the city there are thousands of cars and people travelling. What I did see though was lots of Chinese graffiti that was hand painted. Sometimes it was numbers or characters. There was quite a lot of places that had graffiti on them. Though it had nothing to do with western style graffiti at all. This was everywhere from temples to villages.

The impression I got from China was that people were so busy making a living that they didn’t have time for the kind of graffiti in the west. The graffiti in China seemed more practical culturally. It looked like a sign or slogan. I never actually asked what the point of Chinese graffiti was. I think I will ask on my weekend at Master DongYang’s. It was very culturally specific and I am sure I will get back on here with more information soon.

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