Many paths

I would hate to seem arrogant when I claim Qigong is the answer to all of my problems. I have written some cryptic posts in regards to rituals and energy. It is just that it has worked for me. So I latched onto it. Culturally it is foreign to most people and even to myself. Though it just works. It is also about the effort you put into it. It isn’t magic or a silver bullet. The thing that has me addicted is the relaxation I get from doing it. How can physical exercise which at times is difficult manage to relax me? I can’t explain it. Some people swear by Yoga or the gym. Qigong is mentally relaxing and physically relaxing as I said earlier and it is addictive. Once you start feeling better and overcome your ailment you get more energy and then more again. It simply snowballs. Yet it isn’t for everyone. A lot of people can’t do it. It is too foreign for them. They can’t bring themselves to this strange world of spirits and energy. Instead we are in a world of strange spirits and energies that we never get to conquer anyway. Unless we find an understanding through physical movement. There are many paths but only a few that lead to where we need to go.

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