Thinking for themselves

It was my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday today. My eldest daughter was 18 in July. People always say how fast time flies but when you are a parent you really see it. It is incredible that human beings take so long to develop but when you consider a human beings lifetime it makes sense that it takes so long. You sacrifice so much for your children but it is so rewarding to see them become wonderful human beings. Luckily I have a few hobbies for when my youngest leaves home. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. You get programmed to be there for them in one way or another. I was always a paranoid parent hovering around but I was never particularly stressed in the same way some parents are. I was happy with state schools though they can be frustrating at times. I was happy to catch the bus and train everywhere. I didn’t bother about extra curricular activities or keeping my youngest busy with a million clubs and groups. All I really wanted was for them to develop their own interests. My eldest daughter never grew up with me but she has her own interests and we keep in touch. They both have developed the skill of thinking for themselves and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  

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