Fuel for hate

There have always been spirits. Humans are controlled by the Earth and the sky. Humans can’t defy the Earth and the sky; instead they are subject to its energy and forces. Why is it that spirits and energy control people’s destiny? Energy is everywhere. Constantly bombarding the Earth from near and far. The energy is used by life in many ways. Why is it that a person can die and yet their energy carries forth? It isn’t simply put them. It is the energy that was in them. The soul and spirit are energy that carries forth into life. Many animals have a spirit. They have an energy that pervades from their eyes. The energy is ancient and new constantly recycled through millions of years. It never dissipates. It never dies as the physical body does. Even the physical body is recycled. The spirit is fleeting yet it latches on. It holds onto complex organisms. My own descriptions are somewhat limited and people have various points of view on these subjects yet what I have been surprised about is this:

A person dies and he would write his name everywhere on walls. Then people are inspired by his death and what he stood for and put his name on walls even though he is dead. He died of a drug overdose and was an undesirable character. It is his spirit that actually lives on. It was a dark spirit caught in a spiral of loss. He may have come from a good family. He may have listened to the words on albums by entertainers who once sold drugs on the street. They were once undesirables. Their spirit carried forth through entertainment. Yet it wasn’t them. It was a spiritual industry. They were making music that carried the spirit. The spirit was carried through the emancipation of slavery. People could sell their labour for money. They were free. People could also buy drugs and take them all the while disconnecting from their privileged lives. They were free. Free to choose. They lost their privilege for street credibility. They wrote their names on the street. They were actually dead.

Then came the devils. The devilish spirits looking for chaos. Looking to unseat anyone that looked down at them. Those who wondered what creation was. Those who thought. Those who taught. They fought tooth and nail to be demons. They found a connection  to the darkness through alcohol abuse and drug abuse. They were tortured within themselves. If they saw an alien expression their egos would scratch at the walls of their minds. They were filled with hatred for all that was different, difficult or complex. If it had more that two faces it was to be destroyed. Books burning. Souls lost in fire. The edge of a knife, the flicker of a flame. The draw of a glass pipe. The cold realisation of death energy. It was an addiction. They were afflicted. I looked at my art on the street and saw it was defaced by the name of a dead man and also the living dead. Scrawled in a drunken brazen fog of spite. Carried on for an eternity from darkness to darkness as long as animals have lived on Earth. Though humans were supposed to have intelligence. For some intelligence was fuel for hate.

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