Pro China, anti China

Pro Chinese Articles are hard for readers to swallow. People take the negative media reports as gospel. Yet critical US articles are lauded in comparison. Maybe it is something about slander in general. Any negative report seems more valid or is easily accepted. Maybe that is why slander is the order of this age. It is entertaining, easily digested and quick to be repeated. This, the quagmire of negativity we end up dealing with on a daily basis. It is always a matter of a hidden agenda. Of an entity simply waiting (China) to take over the reins of Imperialism. It is proof the mentality (A post colonial Imperialist mind-set) is all we can fathom. If China were to be good (or virtuous) that would only need to be refuted with slander and a media campaign. It seems the media is the mouthpiece for Imperialist attitudes. If China wanted to dominate the world they would have started when they discovered America and Australia many hundreds of years before colonisers. They didn’t colonise then, so why would they now? They are not Imperialists like us. 

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