Dark times

We are in such dark times. We all know of the problems plaguing the Western world. It is the breakdown of the US that is most dire. Most people feel the Trump administration is good. It depends how you look at it. If you think about a change of world order then maybe the collapse of the US isn’t so bad. Yet for the most part it is not good to think of what will happen to the smaller nations attached to America. I heard a story about a documentary film-maker who had seen the crimes around the Mexican border such as sex trafficing and drug dealing mostly committed by Mexicans. The film-maker felt the Trump administration was correct in trying to wall the border off and safeguard US interests from criminal gangs. They liked what Trump was doing because he was being tough on the relentless crime on the border. Though what does getting tough entail? Taking children away from parents or deporting people doesn’t make the exercise better. You could say that anti-Trump supporters are simply highlighting certain aspects that are not such a big deal in the scheme of things.

From what I can see, there are deep divisions in America which are more problematic than  what each side is or isn’t doing. Take for example a man who had lived in America since six months of age, who was deported to Iraq where he couldn’t speak the language and get insulin. He died homeless on the streets of Iraq. This in itself is proof that getting tough on immigration flows over from just dealing with sex trafficing or drug gangs into criminal negligence. Each side will point the finger and the individual voices are lost. Could all of this trigger a civil war in the US? It definitely could because each side is as belligerent as the other. The main point is exploitation. People have ceased to matter in the US. Politics and pro or anti positions are more important than people. The poor are forgotten in a sea of finger pointing while things can only get worse. Nobody in the US wants a civil war. People don’t even think it is possible. When people are simply pawns in a system ruled by money and power what real change can come about? Each side has dug itself in. Each side hates the other and is trying to make its own way forward. That in itself shows how deep the divisions are. 

One observation is the moniker of the mass shootings being committed by the mentally ill. Those shooters are quite rational. They are filled with the divisions so much so that they feel they can start taking lives. They know what they are doing. The whole US system knows what it is doing. Yes it is misguided but it is quite rational. That in itself is the real problem. The hatred is real and it isn’t going away. There are deep divisions and each side wants to hurt the other. In the process innocent people are exploited for political point scoring. Once the people are forgotten becoming facts and figures all hope for peace is lost.   

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