New beginnings

Have had a few months off creative tasks. I always wonder when I will get my routine back in full swing. Because I was going overseas for the first time I simply focused on my trip and thought I will eventually get back into things once back. I did get inspired overseas but nothing has settled in my minds eye. My head is still in the clouds. Although reading has really taken hold. I am immersed in text. There was a small start of some writing some weeks before I left overseas then there was a forced few paragraphs on getting back. To launch into a tangent I am dwelling in text through my trusty computer. From command line to social media post. Yet truly I want to simply look at a horizon. A sunset. Some birds darting through the trees.

You know I think that is the problem. I can’t bring myself to think. I just want to be. ‘Being’ immersed in nature, in culture, maybe I have seen so much in such a short time that I still need to process it all. There has been a break from stagnation, from doubt, from not wanting to know where the world begins or ends. Breaking out from the thought bubble that has been most of my life. I thought I knew yet realised I didn’t know at all. Though I know the clean shaven perfected ruse of modern humanity is the mask of a monster. The dishevelled ancient man was far more civilised. Far more modern. Far ahead of where we are today. To look at the sunset and wonder what tomorrow will bring.

A world away from the death spiral of posed sanity. Where we accept our end. Only the other day I was told humanity has ruined the Earth. The truth is the only thing ruined is the mind of the ruined. The Earth can bear any hardship. The society that destroys will be destroyed. It can only destroy itself. To think humanity will destroy the world is to forget the many cultures that respect nature. Those who don’t respect nature simply destroy their own culture. Simply put they write their own end. Nature has no end. It goes on forever. The hundreds of kilometres of wind farms and solar farms I saw in the arid desert of China is testament to a culture that sees it has a future. For those that dare defy the natural order will simply write themselves out of existence. They will noisily harass others with vitriol all the while forgetting that they need to write new beginnings.

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