Pinpoint accuracy

Pinpoint accuracy, the fake watch was the most honest timekeeper. The fake handbag was so fake it was as good as the real thing. It wasn’t pretending to be real by any length. It simply was as real as the real thing. Made in the same factory I tell you! Believe me I am not making this up. So real it will give you a bad name. An expert can tell the difference. You need experts in times like these. Though the woman selling the fake bags called them fake bags and fake watches. The honesty of this woman is perverse. Why admit the forgery? It is the price you see. A price that makes you want to try and fool the expert eye. Walking past the Gucci store with your fake Gucci handbag. It is as good as stealing. Or should that be as bad as stealing? Customs won’t let you take it out of the country anyway. Unless you sport it rather than your own cheap watch or handbag. The woman followed you around the mall. “Come this way,” she said and gestured to her stash and she was ignored. I don’t even want the real thing let alone a pile of components that hints at a bank account I only wish were mine. “Come this way,” I can’t go that way it doesn’t quite work like that. She could have hovered around all day. Determined.

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