Polar bear in shopping mall, Earth R.I.P

Since I have shared my positive experiences of China on social media my home feed has been inundated with negative articles denouncing China. This to me just shows how much the media and governments here in Australia want to change sentiment and control views. If it isn’t Clive Palmer it is some dodgy outlet that has a few coins to throw at advertising on social media. Trust has eroded in Australia and the government and throw away media are to blame. I am quite pragmatic really, I can deal with it but I feel it gets the wrong message across. For one I saw an article saying there was a polar bear in a shopping mall in China, headlined the saddest polar bear in the world. The first thing I thought was what about the polar bears in the wild dying from global warming pushed by Western countries? What of the sinking Pacific Islands? If every thought is just a moment to galvanise a jab then we are truly done for. The polar bear was supposedly reunited with its mother in the end according to an article I read, two years ago. Yet the article is timeless. Forget the bigger issues like global warming and hate China. 

What have we become but mindless automatons pressing the first button we see and thinking it will change the world for the better? Or is just that we have a superiority complex that will never be satisfied. There is something wrong with people’s choices. They are controlled by the media and the government. Surveillance capitalism is a system that has us under its thumb creating divisions so we can be conquered once and for all. The only beneficiary of this in the long term will probably be China.

One thought on “Polar bear in shopping mall, Earth R.I.P

  1. There’s a book called The One and Only Ivan which is about a gorilla who lives in a zoo in a shopping mall. The book is written from his perspective- your post made me think of it.

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