Mass Distraction

It may seem like I am glossing over the details when I say the media is a massive distraction machine. Naom Chomsky described Trump as a distraction due to his style of indirectly benefiting the people other than he is supposed to yet galvanising those he has duped under a circus act of carnavale. All the while handing tax breaks to the super wealthy. The system is definitely broken and has been for a few decades. Australia has to follow suit to meet our security arrangements with the US by blindly following US policies. Of course the Australian government knows what it is doing. It is an arrangement built on dependence and independence at the same time. What if America falls on its own sword? What then? Nobody believes that could ever happen but it is happening.

The fever pitch with which western media follow government policy is quite synchronous if we see the rise of anti-China sentiment and see where it leads us. It is another distraction filled with fear and loathing while we continue to suffer from our own inadequacies. The Chinese media isn’t talking about corporate oppression in the west. We don’t even see it happening because we are conveniently distracted. People will label you deluded all the while carrying the illusions fed them by media outlets themselves. The west isn’t just in the process of falling apart it has already happened. China has risen economically and Western governments enact dirty tactics to scare their constituents into ignoring their own lack of opportunity.  

When I was in China I learned all small businesses pay no tax. Farmers pay no tax. Tibetans live freely in northern China. Muslims are everywhere with mosques in busy cities. They are all friendly and hospitable. Even though the areas I was in are considered dangerous by the western media I saw for myself that they weren’t bad at all. Muslims shook my hand and people wanted photos taken as few Westerners ventured to these places.  China is far from perfect but I prefer to look in my own backyard and consider the failings of Western governments to provide wage security, social security and economic safeguards. Why are we all taxed so liberally rather than being liberated from tax at all?

We are mired in a system based on distraction and it will destroy our way of life. Forget the distractions and lets turn the tide before it is too late.  Hysteria won’t help us break the cycle of distraction.

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