The sleeping Demon

The Demon needs to sleep

Part 1

Don’t threaten the demon

Let it sleep

If you fight it

It will cost your life

Let it sleep

Let it do as it pleases

Otherwise it gains power

Over you

Five is an Earth demon

Two is sickness

A bell for five

Or a gourd for both

The demon is stuck

In the gourd

We respect him

Let it sleep

Play down the energy

People with demons inside

Are controlled by energy

Play down the energy

Part 2

He is evil

He is doing a great job too

Crashing the country

Why let evil linger?


You have destroyed yourself

Destroyed itself


An Apple

A civil war

Never wake up

Happy days

Gone for good


Into the ground

Happy to see you

Part 3

Killing themselves

Killing others

Their nature

Is ambitious

Fraudulent nation


Earth against water

Bomb themselves

Civil war

Government betrayed

Their people

One year gone


Broken no leadership

Chamber one

Not another chamber

Part 4

Mafia of the United stakes

Set up a base

Sleeping with the enemy

A criminal with your children

It’s not complicated

Don’t share your password

Your wife is in bed

With the enemy

Where is independence?

In others hands

A few words

Let the demons sleep

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