Stars and spirits

篷 Tian Peng water intelligence (star) if you love the mountains your are benevolent if you love water you are intelligent. Intelligence and stupidity coexist. From the Water chamber.

The Monkey King was drooling over the Moon goddess. Became Exiled from the Sky to the Earth. Became a River devil. Metaphors. Sending Peng into hardship is good but to a nice place is bad.

任 Tian Ren great lucky star, mountain star. Positive spirit. Mountain is full of positive energy. The great task that can be completed. Mountain chamber

冲 Chong courageous! Pushing. Good for business except in west chamber.

辅 Tian Fu when threatened will bail you out. Fugitive can escape if Fu comes.

英 Tian Ying fire star. Civilisation becomes disaster. Marriage water and fire chamber. Marriage is like a rough stone that rolls and later becomes smooth. Water and fire rolling together.

Water is negative, fire is positive, together becomes gas. Spirit passed on from parents. One third spirit from father, one third spirit from mother, one third spirit from nature.

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