The Cross and the Trinities in Taoist thought

The cross is a dominant idea in Christian religion. It is also a symbol in Taoism and has been used for a longer time. The grid for Chinese divination is also a cross. The vertical channel of the cross is the connection between the ground and the sky. The horizontal is east and west and their relationship with cycles, such as the rising and setting sun or birth and death. The straight line is seen as the way of virtue whereas the diagonal can be used against one’s enemies. If one can travel directly with the direction of the cross they can reach everywhere whether divine or earthly realms. The journey only stops if there is a blockage. Where something stops you from attaining the full journey. This could be thought of as an internal blockage or an external blockage.

The cross as a symbol of a journey from earth to heaven is tied in Western thought with Jesus Christ the son of God. Whereas the Taoist if they pass through the internal and external obstacles become living gods. The immortals. The cross is a pattern of energy. For a moment if we think of the animal world and the human world. The animal dies for food whereas the human dies for treasure. Yet there are other treasures on Earth beside wealth. Three treasures are Water, Fire and Wind. The human treasures are the Physical, the Heart (the heart and brain are seen as the same) and Ideas. There are many trinities such as these which exist in Taoist thought.

Christ was initially one with the human world and as such in the trappings of negative energy whereas when he transcended death he became purely positive energy. Human beings can transcend the negative energy within themselves by purifying Jing (blood, internal liquids) which becomes Qi that attracts Shen (positive spirit). These all combined become Elixir. The process of Taoist movement depletes negative energy within the body. It can’t be contemplated but simply practiced. The question is, can the mind be settled? Normally our minds are unsettled.

Personally I feel it is difficult to truly grasp another cultures ideas as our culture is in our blood and ancestry. Yet wisdom is universal and ideas are universal. The idea of the cross for example sits quite comfortably within Western/Christian (Middle Eastern) ideas. The prophets and their correlations. They don’t quite fit comfortably at times too. The Holy Trinity and the Trinity of treasures whether human or Earthly have differing aims and ideas. Though there are ideas in human thought that correlate. There is a will to attain a higher purpose. What blocks us though is the internal and external world we live within. Our bodies though are not just a barrier, so to the external world. They are simply something we need to master to be able to pass through.

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