Bias: rule of law: bias

I talk a lot about bias. It is just that as a person with a mental illness you can feel a victim of bias. Of people’s inability to think differently, to see another perspective. If you look at the art world it seems quite eclectic though in some fields like painting consistency is the key to success. Most people with mental issues are not consistent and quite eclectic so they won’t be as easily championed as other artists. Mentally ill artists do make it though for various reasons though mostly consistency is championed. It is easier to look at a clear linear set of events and outcomes than try to understand an artist who jumps from approach to approach. Mostly systems are set up for the chosen few. This seems quite self serving after years of seeing this in action. You also need to be championed by the right people. What if you have social issues? It is a simple claim to say the world is against you. You need to join institutions and social groups to get ahead. If you don’t have those skills you are stuffed. There is just bias. Survival of the fittest. Most people say that is just how it is. Well I know and so do you. It isn’t fair and it doesn’t matter how good you are there isn’t a seat at the table for you. Bias is the order of the day. Most people say get used to it.

To go from bias to the rule of law to truly understand bias. Let us look at Julian Assange. He is highly intelligent and capable. He never broke the law with his intellectual work. He, though believed in the rule of law. The rule of law doesn’t exist. There is just bias. This is when I twist this story that you can see truly how unfair it is. Even someone capable and intelligent who was a pioneer becomes a hero and a martyr all because of a corrupt system. A system which only serves some people. The people who got a seat at the table. At the table of power. The chosen few. This is what happens when we relax into bias. Even the heroes die at the hands of a greater power. Assange won’t survive this. He can’t. The rule of law is just a way of saying, some people get to step out of the bias machine. They were consistent and did things the right way. The right way though isn’t the truly just way. It will take a miracle to save Assange. It would take a miracle for my art to be lauded as well. I hope Assange survives but it isn’t likely. As everyone keeps saying, that is just how it is.

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